Will Wright to make TV science documentaries

Will Wright set to make TV science shows on time travel, different worlds and the future

Sim City and Spore creator Will Wright is set to make a series of TV documentaries for the Science Channel in the US looking at a range of topics including time travel, different worlds and the future.

Wright, who received a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award in the UK for his services to the games industry, is set to add TV science documentary director to his impressive CV later this year, according to reports in The Hollywood Reporter.

The Sims king signed a deal with Science Channel to create a series of forward-looking TV shows set to be augmented by interactive online components all created by the lauded videogame designer.

The Sims has already sold over 6 million copies, although Spore has not had either the critical or commercial success that Wright originally hoped for.

Stupid Fun Club

Wright recently left EA and the studio he co-founded, Maxis, to create a gaming think tank called Stupid Fun Club, but it would seem that forward-thinking TV science docs are where his head is currently at.

"I want to take the way he engages an audience in gaming and bring that into a show," Science Channel GM Debbie Myers said.

Myers hopes to extend the network's programming from science-based content to shows that explore creativity.

Via The Hollywood Reporter