Will Star Trek Online trump WoW?

Do you have a Star Trek communicator phone? If not, then you're not a true Trekkie...
Do you have a Star Trek communicator phone? If not, then you're not a true Trekkie...

The latest news on the Star Trek Online MMO due from Atari-owned Cryptic Studios later this year is that players will be able to create an entire race, going by the latest demos of the game given at Comic Con in New York.

Attendees at Comic Con were able to see the Star Trek Online Alien Creator in action, while developer Cryptic said of the feature:

"There are literally thousands of combinations available in the alien creator, which will offer an unprecedented level of customization options."

The hype surrounding the game and the excitement of Trekkies worldwide about being able to finally live their Klingon dreams is to be expected. But might Star Trek Online finally be the online game to knock Blizzard's mighty World of Warcraft off its MMO-throne?

Why did Uhuru cry?

"The crossover between Star Trek fans and MMO gamers is obvious, but the same could be said about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - two massive licenses whose MMOs failed to knock World of Warcraft from the top spot," opines PC Zone's Deputy Editor, Steve Hogarty.

"Star Trek's certainly a huge name, and it'll make for an interesting MMO at the very least, but the fanbase is massively discerning and just as likely to crucify the game as adore it," adds Hogarty.

"Anyway, without Shatner on board it's dead in the water..."

Star Trek Online has an official website here and is being developed for home console and PC, with the game set to take place after the events of the latest TV series. Players will be able to command their own Starfleet or Klingon ship.

Adam Hartley