Rocket League devs had a cool idea for VR, but you won't get to see it

Rocket League

Swathes of game developers are toying with virtual reality right now, and it's not just first-person shooters and space simulators that lend themselves to the medium - even the Rocket League developers have thought about it.

Psyonix Design Director Corey Davis told techradar that the team had a neat idea of how to implement VR into Rocket League, but weren't able to take the idea any further due to technical constraints.

"It's a technical problem more than anything," said David. "We had ideas. There are some games where you're not the player in VR, you're like watching the game in VR. If you consider a ball cam which basically just keeps the car in frame and looks at wherever the ball is, you could do a really cool head tracking thing where instead of rigidly tracking the camera and needing stick input, you could be driving and just looking at whatever you want to look at.

"That would be pretty cool, right?"

It would indeed, but it probably won't happen. Or at least, it isn't something we'll see in Rocket League in the near future.

"Because we're using Unreal 3, there's no official VR support," explained David, "and what we've been told is that it would be a pretty big undertaking, so it just doesn't seem like it's worth it."

More to come

At least we have Rocket League's basketball mode to look forward to, which is aiming to touch down in April. Psyonix told techradar that we can expect something "hardcore".

Microsoft recently extended an invitation to Sony and others by opening up cross-network play, potentially allowing for Xbox One and PS4 owners to one day play against each other - if Sony is to ever take up the offer.

We hope it does - Psyonix says it's already worked out how to get Rocket Leaguers on Xbox and PlayStation playing together. Before then, Rocket League will be enabling cross-network play between Xbox One and PC.

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