PS4: The launch games you need to play right now

PS4: The launch games you need to play right now
You underestimate the Flower power

If you pre-ordered a PS4 early enough, or were one of the die-harders who braved days in the cold to get one, you're probably now faced with the task of deciding what to play.

It's a conundrum, we know. While the PS4 launch lineup isn't by any means massive, there's still plenty to choose from.

So to help you out, we've pulled together our top titles for the PlayStation 4 early adopters. Here are the games you need to go and play right now.


In space, everyone can hear these funky tunes


Sony made big promises early on for indie gamers, and it's delivered beautifully with Resogun. The Defender-style shooter has been one of the highest-acclaim launch titles for the system so far, loaded with addictive 80s-esque space combat, glorious visuals and a killer soundtrack.

It might not have the epic ambitions of the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall, but Resogun brings something slicker and more satisfying to the table.

CVG said:

"One of the most exciting, lavishly produced twin-stick shooting in the history of the genre. Geometry Wars finally has a proper rival."


Flower: lovely stuff


PS3 zen hit Flower has drifted over to the PS4 and arrives in stunning 1080p 60fps. Ok, so it's a game based around guiding petals over landscapes - but it's Flower's simplicity and brevity that make it so wonderfully unique.

You can tear through it in no time at all but that would be missing the point. This is about soaking it all in.

Gamesradar said:

"It may barely qualify as a game in the traditional sense but Flower's evocative world deserves to be experienced by all."


This one's for helping you to Fall in love with next gen

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a title that's made for impressing your friends. The environments - both single player and multiplayer - are breath-snatchingly stunning, while Guerrilla has made the gameplay varied enough for enjoyable campaign romp.

It won't go down as one of the PS4's killer titles, but it's not a bad place to kick things off.

CVG said:

"Shadow Fall doesn't seek to reinvent the FPS, but it does inject a much-needed infusion of creativity and originality into the genre"


Spidey's bricking it

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

There's really only one word we can use to describe Lego Marvel Super Heroes: fun. Sheer, silly, pun-fueled fun. The roster is packed with more Marvel characters than you can throw a big red brick at, and the typical Lego humour is firing on all cylinders.

Heroes continues the tradition of great Lego games, and bodes well for Lego: The Hobbit.

Gamesradar said:

"Marvel superheroes in an urban sandbox, flying around and destroying things as you please? Couple that with truckloads of pieces to collect and heroes to unlock, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes will serve as a terrific ally in the fight against boredom. Excelsior!"

Battlefield 4

Pew pew pew

Battlefield 4

If you've been holding out on Battlefield 4 until you can get your hands on a next-gen copy, trust us - it's worth the wait. Battlefield 4 on PS4 is big, bold and hella explosive. Combine those destructible environment with 64-player battles and you get an experience full of jaw-dropping moments.

Gamesradar said:

"Multiplayer shooters don't get better than Battlefield 4. Incredible destruction, smart map design, and solid tech combine to produce a true showcase for PS4 and PC. While solo play still lags behind, it's a big step up from BF3."

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