PlayStation UK boss: E3 'like a plumbers' convention'

Sony Computer Entertainment's UK MD - 'E3 was more like a convention for plumbers'
Sony Computer Entertainment's UK MD - 'E3 was more like a convention for plumbers'

UK MD of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ray Maguire has poo-pooed suggestions of further PS3 price cuts this year, while teasing PS3 gamers with the promise of more on PS3 Home at the Leipzig Games Convention later next month.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TechRadar, Maguire told us that there is no price reduction for PS3 on the cards for the foreseeable future, confirming that: "We'll go through the next part of the year without a price-reduction… we're committed to introducing the 80Gb PS3 here on August 29, and the £299 price-point remains. That's why we're short of stock at the moment – production of the 40Gb PS3 has stopped."

E3 2008 – Plumber's convention

"I think we felt that E3 suffered by not having that grandeur and the theatrical shows that demonstrate this is a business that generates billions of Euros. It was more like a convention for plumbers," Maguire joked (on which note - it was a no show for Mario from Nintendo though - the plumber we all wanted to see!)

Joking about Jack Tretton's E3 sales figures presentation (which he conducted in a specially constructed level of LittleBigPlanet) Maguire joked: "Maybe I'll have to do them in SingStar. Or perhaps in mime."

Maguire promised us some 'splashy stuff' from Sony when discussing marketing plans for its big hitters this year - LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm: Pacific Drift and Resistance 2, followed by Killzone 2."

And when discussing PlayStation Home he tantalisingly told us, "you might want to see if we do anything at the Games Convention in Leipzig."

You can read the full unexpurgated interview with SCE's UK boss right here on TechRadar.

Adam Hartley