PlayStation Move UK release date: 17 September

PlayStation Move is out this coming September
PlayStation Move is out this coming September

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Move UK release date is 17 September 2010, while it launches in Europe on 15 September.

In what is no doubt going to be remembered as largely-nonsensical PR messaging, Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton has declared that "the living room is no longer an actual space, it is a concept."

It seems, on first hearing (or reading), a fairly ridiculous thing to say, although it shows what Sony is trying to do with PlayStation 3 and PSP – they are trying to change the ingrained ways that we think about our living spaces.

Impressive Move games line-up

Despite these initial PR hiccups, the Sony man immediately redeemed himself, by going on to reveal some of the games that will be coming to PlayStation Move later this year.

PS3 Move-compatible games mentioned at the Sony E3 conference included Time Crisis, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, Bruswick Bowling, Fight Night, Sports Champions, Move Party, Eyepet Heroes on the Move, Socom 4, The Shoot, Tron and Sorcery.

An impressive line-up, nobody can deny.

Following the earlier hyping of 3D gaming, much of Sony's E3 press conference focused on motion control, with PS3 Move due out later this year.

An exclusive Sony bundle with PS3, camera, controller and Sports Champions is going to set our American cousins back a cool $399.99 later this year.

Based on current Euro-to-Sterling exchange rates, Move is set to cost £33 and an additional £25 for the navigation controller. A bundle with PlayStation Eye, a Move controller and starter disc will set you back £49.

No word, as yet, on UK pricing.

Adam Hartley