Nvidia's Shield follow-up may be a serious Steam Machine rival

Nvidia Shield
Unlike the Shield, this new Nvidia device reportedly has a separate controller

Nvidia is preparing to launch a new gaming device.

According to the BBC, that device will be an Nvidia Shield follow-up with a different form factor - and it might focus on the living room.

Like the Shield, this new Nvidia device will be able to stream Windows games from a PC (one with a newer Nvidia GPU that can support the Nvidia GeForce Experience, at least) and play Android games natively.

But unlike the narrow-marketed Shield, this gadget may focus more on rivaling the upcoming wave of Steam Machines, with a controller sold separately rather than built-in.

Form confusion

The new device is said to have an HDMI outport, though, granted, the original Shield did as well.

At this point, only the BBC knows exactly what form the new Nvidia gaming device might ultimately take.

The report never comes out and says it, but it seems the gadget in question might be one and the same with the rumored Nvidia Shield tablet that keeps popping up.

For one thing the BBC says it the device can "also stream PC games" to a television screen via thanks to the outport, implying it has its own screen. What's more, the report also says that Nvidia may intend the Shield follow-up to serve as an example for other companies making smartphones and tablets.

Tegra K1 in the house

Naturally this mysterious Nvidia gaming device is also said to be packing the company's flagship Tegra K1 chip, another similarity it has with the rumored Shield tablet.

A Nvidia spokesperson declined to confirm with the BBC exactly what the company is working on, but did share that Nvidia has an "awesome new gaming product that is launching soon."

With at least some Steam Machines delayed until 2015, Nvidia might be able to get a head start with whatever this new gaming device turns out to be.

For now, unfortunately, all the rest of us can do is sit back and watch the living room PC wars continue to play out.

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