Microsoft flicks the Quickflix switch for Xbox One

Might be worth waiting until you don't need Gold before signing up

Given the song and dance Microsoft made last year about the Xbox One being an entertainment platform, it's somewhat surprising that the console has only just launched Quickflix support.

The subscription entertainment platform, which is available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, and launched on the PS4 back in December last year, has officially landed on Microsoft's next-gen console today.

The service joins SBS On Demand and TenPlay as the only local streaming services on the Xbox One console.

Going Gold

The bad news for Quickflix subscribers - at least in the short term - is that you will still need a Gold Xbox Live account to use the service.

Microsoft is removing this restriction next month, allowing access to entertainment streaming services without a Gold account, which means it might be worth waiting a couple of weeks before signing up to Quickflix.

But now that Quickflix has landed on the Xbox One, it's only a matter of time until Foxtel Play and ABC iView appear alongside it, despite the fact the ABC is battling resource challenges in its rollout of next-gen console versions.

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