Major gaming publishers slash iOS game prices

Major games publishers slash prices of iOS games this month
Major games publishers slash prices of iOS games this month

A host of major mobile gaming publishers have slashed the prices of premium games on the Apple App Store to 59p this week.

Clearly the release of the Verizon iPhone 4 in the US this week has shaken up the mobile gaming market a little.

EA leads the charge in this month's App Store bargain drive, with other publishers such as Capcom, Namco, Sega and Gameloft cutting prices of premium games to 59p.

Mobile gaming specialist Gameloft announced via its Facebook page that 13 of its games would be 59p until Valentine's Day, with fans allowed to vote for the 14th game they wanted to see made available at the discounted price.

iOS sweetheart deals

EA is also offering 'sweetheart deals' with loads of its iOS games slashed down to 59p, especially for Valentine's Day.

Of course, if you are forced to purchase cut-price iOS games to celebrate Valentine's Day, then you might want to re-assess your life choices. That aside, we cannot argue with lots of decent games at bargain bin prices.

Particularly when they are from the likes of Japanese gaming legend Capcom – with that publisher cutting the price of its entire iOS game line-up – with gems such as Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter IV and Devil May Cry: Refrain – slashed to 59p a pop.

Not to be outdone, Sega is offering 16 titles including Super Monkey Ball, Chu Chu Rocket, and Golden Axe at discounted prices, while Namco has cut the price of 15 of its titles on the App Store.

At that price, it's almost criminal for any iPhone gamer to not own all of the above-mentioned titles.

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Adam Hartley