God of War developer slams PSP piracy

PSP developer says it is reaching the point where piracy means it doesn't make sense to make games

The highly-anticipated new God of War game for PSP is out early next month, although the developer - of what is one of the biggest handheld games for Sony – thinks that rampant piracy is killing the platform.

Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya told VG247 that he felt it was reaching the point where it just wasn't worth any developer making PSP games anymore.

Doesn't make sense to make games

Ready at Dawn has previously developed two triple-A PSP titles: Daxter and God of War: Chains of Olympus

The game designer said: "It's getting to the point where it doesn't make sense to make games on it."

Piracy is a major problem for handheld developers and games publishers – both on Sony PSP and on the Nintendo DS – yet few developers will ever speak out publicly about the problem, because they don't wish to compromise publisher relations or upset their PRs.

Nintendo continues to fight the piracy problem presented by R4DS carts, attempting to shut down renegade retailers that are caught selling the tech to games pirates.

Back to the PSP, Weerasuriya also added: "It's a tough call right now to say what's going to happen to it and where it's going to go, but it definitely hurts a lot of developers out there who are trying to make great games."

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is out in November.

Via VG247