Xbox One Guide won't hit UK until 'some time in 2014'

Xbox One Guide won't hit UK until 'some time in 2014'
Not quite the ultimate TV box just yet

Microsoft has confirmed that the UK won't be seeing the Xbox One TV guide feature, better known as Xbox One Guide, this year.

Speaking at an event this week, Xbox Senior Product Manager Terry Farrell told us that the UK won't be getting the Xbox One Guide feature until "some time in 2014".

The feature, which displays TV listings and lets users switch channels and shows by using voice commands, will be available for US users from launch day.

We knew the UK wouldn't be getting the Guide love from the get go, and now we know for sure that Guide won't make its way to British shores until next year.

"There's a number of different providers out there from where you can get guides," said Farrell on integrating Xbox One with TV guides in the UK.

"We are choosing to partner with these folks and they are excited about the idea of integration."

No TV love this year

So why the delay? Microsoft told us that it was still busy integrating the guide features with different providers, as well as making sure that the HDMI pass through will work with the number of different digital set-top boxes.

"We're testing all the boxes. You can imagine how many there are in the UK," said Farrell. "We've been so focused on testing all the different cable boxes around the globe for just basic passthrough. In 13 different countries - that's a lot of TVs"

UK users will still be able to pass the Xbox One through their current digital boxes - most of which will be supported from day one - although it's just shame that we won't be able to take advantage of the Guide functionality this year.

We'll also be able to control certain TV functions via voice commands, such as turning it on and off and adjusting the volume.

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