Xbox 360 gets official price drop in Australia

Xbox 360 gets an Australian price drop
Microsoft cuts the price of the Xbox 360 in Australia

With the Nintendo Wii U hitting shelves in November and the new slimmer Sony Playstation 3 available now, Microsoft has decided to cut pricing on the Xbox 360 to compete this Christmas.

While gamers around the world have been anxiously awaiting news on the Xbox 720, Microsoft is still keen to push its Kinect and 360 console to the market.

The price cuts, effective from October 4, see a minimum saving of AUD$50 off previous pricing.

The new pricing sees the Kinect camera cut to AUD$149, the 4GB Xbox 360 console drop to AUD$199, the 4GB 360 console with Kinect sensor hit AUD$299, the 250GB Xbox 360 console selling for AUD$299 and the limited edition consoles cost AUD$399

Game on for bargains

The price cut sees the Xbox regain its position as the cheapest console on the Australian market, with an option at the AUD$199 price point.

As a point of comparison, the cheapest PS3 is AUD$299.95 and the Wii U will start at AUD$349.95.

Whether the price drop will be enough to excite the market as it awaits the arrival of the next generation of consoles is yet to be seen though.

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