PlayStation Network buckling under strain of new PS4 log-ons shocker

PlayStation Network in falling over under strain of new PS4 logons shocker
PSN lets down the PS4 hardware on day one

The new Sony PS4 went on sale in the US and Canada today, but those receiving their new console are currently unable to use it to its full capabilities, due to problems with the PlayStation Network.

Due to the "extremely high volume" of logons from new PS4 owners, the online portal has fallen under the strain, with Sony saying it is working on a fix and urging users to be patient in the meantime.

The failure prevents users from downloading the essential day-one software patch that unlocks features like Remote Play with the PS Vita, Blu-ray and DVD playback, as well gameplay recording.

Naturally, with the PSN out of commission, that also means game downloads and online multiplayer is off limits, as well as the ability to share the gaming footage users are currently unable to even record.


"The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extremely high volume, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting. We ask for your patience," read a post on Sony's support site.

As Sony works on a fix ahead of what promises to be the busiest weekend of this or any year, there is a way for eager gamers to work around some of the issues.

PS4 owners can download the 300MB update via the PlayStation Network website, load it on to a USB stick and then plug that into the console to install.

However, that's not going to get gamers online, so until Sony comes up with the fix, there'll be no game downloads and no testing of mettle against opponents over the interwebs.


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