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Ouya games are going 'Everywhere,' starting with Mad Catz Mojo

Ouya will remember yooouuu

It was just this week that Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman first described the company's plans to publish the console's games onto other platforms, and now the first such deal has been announced.

Ouya's entire catalog of games will become available on the Mad Catz Mojo Android microconsole "later this spring," according to a press release.

The Mojo is simply the first system that will get to take advantage of Ouya's new "Ouya Everywhere" strategy, by which the company hopes to spread its game ecosystem onto platforms of every shape and size.

In addition Mad Catz has announced that the Mojo console's price is being reduced from $249/£219 (about AU$275) to $199/£179 (about AU$220).

Ouya Everywhere

Uhrman hinted at Ouya's new strategy to [a]listdaily in early March, saying, "If you think about the traditional game consoles, they're custom hardware and custom chips. To get those games, you have to buy a box for hundreds of dollars.

"We've always wanted to open that up. We started with a $99 box, but we always wanted to create a console platform that can live on other people's devices."

Ouya currently features a locked app ecosystem with over 680 games, some of which are still exclusive to Ouya's own hardware.

There are no hints as to what other systems Ouya games might eventually jump to, though PCs and other Android devices are probably safe guesses.