Nintendo Wii lacks cutting edge technology?

The Nintendo Wii provides only a limited gaming experience and lacks the cutting edge technology to keep people interested. That’s according to Jeff Bell, vice president of global Xbox marketing, who made the comments in a frank interview with 1UP.

"We're positioning ourselves to be ready if, in fact, gamers find they're ready to graduate from a certain experience potentially with the Wii, either because it's limited on the type of gameplay that's available or the technology in that box,” he said.

"We think that we could live very, very well in the same household as the Wii, and we're trying to make sure that when there is that choice for a second console that it is the Xbox 360.”

Wii vs Xbox 360

Despite the Wii being wildly popular, a lack of quality games has led to many people leaving their Wiis untouched for months on end. Bell thinks it’s at this point that people are going to start thinking about ‘upgrading’ to an Xbox 360.

In the current console war, the Xbox 360 has been thriving by sitting pretty in the middle ground. With prices spanning the gap between the Wii and Sony PS3, and with an enormous games library, sales have been consistently impressive.

That being said, it doesn’t in any way mean the Nintendo Wii is an inferior machine to the Xbox 360. Because while the Xbox is undoubtedly the more powerful device, the Wii is groundbreaking in many other ways.

So it comes down to that well-used phrase: ‘Well he would say that, wouldn’t he’.

James Rivington

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