Kinect and Move 'will appeal to the hardcore'

"She fell over. She fell over"
"She fell over. She fell over"

One of the original founders of Acclaim Entertainment has said that Microsoft Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move tech will appeal to hardcore gamers.

Greg Fischbach, currently CEO and President of Yoostar Entertainment Group, Inc. - and one of the original founders of gaming legends Acclaim back in the late 1980s – told TechRadar that he thinks core gamers will play Kinect and Move because "fun is fun."

Yoostar is set to release a 'movie Karaoke' game for Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move this coming Christmas, developed by Britsoft developers Blitz Games.

Fischback told TechRadar that the new gaming tech 'is just a tool' for developers to play with and that you "really have to re-think how you write games for both these new systems [Kinect and PS Move].

Move and Kinect are just tools

"How are you going to write using the motion-control in such a way to make the game interesting for the hardcore gamer? For it to have that play dynamic that he or she is used to?" asks the veteran games developer.

In terms of making games for Kinect [and PS Move] Fischbach considers these things as, "just another tool in the toolkit for developers."

The Acclaim founder adds that he thinks that it will take the development and the publishing community "another 18 months or so until whatever that game is that is really going to appeal to a hardcore gamer that uses gesture and speech technology arrives."

Blitz Games' Steve Stopps ,Project Director on Yoostar 2 says he and his teams have "seen [Kinect] come on in leaps and bounds," adding that, "it does a very robust job… Microsoft has done some incredible work with the technology."

"In terms of the limitations – for us, most of those have been in people's pre-conceptions about the technology," adds Greg Fischbach. "In Yoostar 2, in terms of where we are going to be able to take the product, in terms of technology, it will almost be a 'post production kit' for the gamer. I wouldn't necessarily say that everybody should embrace it, but it's just another great tool."

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