E3 website hints that we might see Xbox One VR in just a few days


The official E3 2016 website is hinting that we might see some VR-related goodies at Microsoft's Xbox showcase. That, or someone's made a significant clerical error.

With Sony's PS VR already in the hands of developers and set to hit living rooms in October, speculation has been building around Microsoft's plans to bring virtual reality to Xbox One owners.

Now, someone on NeoGAF has spotted that the E3 website has added an Xbox One Virtual Reality category, which four developers are currently registered under: Rebellion, 3DRudder, Maximum Games, and Readily Information Company.

Rebellion developed Battlezone VR for PlayStation VR, while 3D Rudder produces a feet-based virtual reality controller - so there's reason for them to be on the list.

Reasons to speculate

Last week, our friends at Kotaku broke news that Microsoft was planning to launch a smaller Xbox One this year, with a more powerful console, codenamed "Scorpio", aimed at 2017.

Kotaku says that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus Rift for Scorpio, while Microsoft blogger Brad Sams claims he's also heard the new console could have a virtual reality component.

Furthermore, we recently reported on word from Ars Technica that, according to its source, a "major studio" has an Xbox One VR title in the works.

As we say, the listing on the E3 site could just be an error. But considering everything mentioned above, it wouldn't be totally outlandish for Microsoft to reveal some of its virtual reality plans at this year's Xbox showcase.

Microsoft and Oculus are already in cahoots - right now every Rift comes bundled with an Xbox One controller - so partnering for full-scale console VR makes plenty of sense if you ask us.

Less than two weeks until we know for sure - Microsoft's Xbox showcase takes place on June 13, and we'll be there to bring you all the news as it breaks.

Hugh Langley

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