Don't forget the games, EA's ex-head warns Xbox and PS4

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The Xbox One and PS4 are in danger of forgetting why gamers buy consoles in their rush to become "entertainment hubs", warned former CEO of EA John Riccitiello: it's to play games, obvs.

As Microsoft prepares to announce its next console tonight, Riccitiello has written a guest editorial for Kotaku advising it and Sony to keep their focus.

He's concerned that the focus on media sharing at the PS4 announcement could leave gamers thinking that gaming is merely a peripheral function of the console rather its dedicated purpose.

In his advice to the console manufacturers, Riccitiello wrote: "Ensure the box delivers awesome game experiences, better than anything we've experienced before, and millions of gamers will line up at midnight to buy it.

"Delivering a box that raises the question of whether we should buy the new console over the $100 Apple TV device or a $60 Roku player will cause too many gamers to wait it out and commit only when the smoke clears."

On the move

He acknowledges that mobile gaming is on the rise, but doesn't think it poses a significant risk to the console market, explaining that "mobile and console scratch different itches".

Expanding on a bizarre Mexican food reference, he continued: "Put down that burrito, because console gaming is very different. I don't have the fastest thumbs, so playing with any skill at all requires my focus. I am fully engaged. All-in. The room with the biggest TV is the most important entertainment room in my house. And there, console gaming rules."

If console gaming is to continue its reign, the next generation launches need to get it right this year.