After months of controversy and hype, the Xbox One goes on sale today

After months of, the Xbox One goes on sale today
It's time to unbox a new era

There's been laughter, there have been tears, there's been a hell of a lot of anticipation. But the Xbox One is here at last, with the console going on sale around the world today.

Rather than splitting its release by region like the PS4, the Xbox One is rolling out globally today to let us all descend on a new generation of gaming and Xbox Live together.

The console costs £429 in the UK but for that price you'll also be getting Kinect in the box. There's also a bevy of launch titles to get stuck into, including Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza 5.

The new generation starts right now

Since the reveal back in May, the Xbox One has been up against it: DRM, Kinect, resolutions and framerates have made the journey less than smooth. But as it finally hits the shelves, we suspect Microsoft will be selling more than a few units.

Xbox One launch

It's certainly a console that's prepared for the future, and while UK Xbox One-ers will be missing out on TV Guide until next year, there's plenty more besides the games to be excited about.

We're really looking forward to see what Microsoft's new box has in store. We just wish we could get our hands on that white version.

Hugh Langley

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