Cheerleading on Wii

Cheerleading - is this a sport?
Cheerleading - is this a sport?

Cheerleading is fun. We all know this, which is why the latest videogame version of this most American of activities is surely going to rule when it launches on Nintendo Wii later early next year.

That's right. 505 Games (they of Cooking Mama fame) are releasing Namco Bandai's championship cheerleading game

We Cheer

in 2009.

"We Cheer gives players the chance to jump, shout and shake it all about just like a real cheerleader," 505's release informs us.

Wii Remote pom-poms

The game uses two Wii Remotes as virtual pom-poms in a championship cheerleading contest. No word as yet if the game will ship with free pompoms and/or mini-skirts!

"By using two Wii Remotes as virtual pom-poms, wannabe cheerleaders follow on-screen commands to perform a variety of high-energy spins, kicks and twists, while taking part in professionally choreographed routines."

TechRadar spoke to Bob Kiralfy, Chairman of the British Cheerleading Association about the game, who told us: "This new cheerleading game sounds exciting, although I have not had opportunity to see it yet.

"It looks to have the potential to encourage more to take up this exciting sport, as well as giving some cheer exercise whilst playing it, which is good.

"Cheerleading is one of Britain's fastest growing sports. The British Cheerleading Association currently has 461 members clubs, so there are at least 17,000 participants who would be interested in practicing with We Cheer."

Adam Hartley