Blame it on the rain: Project Cars delayed in Australia

Project Cars

Sydney's recent torrential rain will cause physical copies of Project Cars on PC to go on sale a day later than originally scheduled.

Yes, the wet stuff has wreaked havoc on poor old Sydney over recent weeks, and the repercussions are still being felt. So, if you've decided to opt for a disc over a download you'll now have to wait until Friday May 8 to purchase the new racer.

The game's local distributor, Bandai Namco, has explained that its production house was damaged in the heavenly onslaught, which resulted in the PC stock and DLC paper-parts having to be reprinted.

Slippery when wet

Annoying as it might be, anyone who endured the misery of that relentless downpour will probably be willing to cut the distributor a little slack.

And you might want to count your lucky stars if your PC came through unscathed, because a leaky roof could have resulted in something far worse than a brief game delay.

The release date for console versions of Project Cars remains Thursday May 7, but PC fans looking to avoid the download will have to hang on just a little longer.

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