Batman: Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC gives us more of the main game's best parts

Batgirl DLC trailer

While many baulked at Batman: Arkham Knight's exorbitantly priced season pass, it certainly looks like the investment is going to pay off, if the first trailer for the game's DLC prequel chapter 'A Matter of Family' is anything to go by.

Set before the events of the original game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, 'A Matter of Family' lets you play as Barbara Gordon before she was confined to a wheelchair by Joker, when she was still protecting the streets of Gotham as Batgirl.

Joker has taken Commissioner Jim Gordon (Barbara's dad) hostage, and it's up to her and her crime-fighting (and romantic) partner Robin to save him.

It looks absolutely fantastic, giving us all of the core game's best elements (sneaking, fighting, investigating), with the added bonus of getting to play as a kick-ass heroine who happens to retain all of Batman's skills.

Steve Urkel isn't the only thing absent from these family matters

One of Batman: Arkham Knight's most controversial elements has been the addition of the the Batmobile to the series – many believe it to be the low point in an otherwise outstanding game, due to its slippery, awkward controls and its many forced, repetitive tank combat sections.

If that's your biggest beef with the game, you'll be happy to know that the Batmobile is nowhere to be seen in this DLC trailer – not only does Batgirl not drive Batman's ride, the story seems to be tighter and more focused around a single location, kind of like the aforementioned Batman: Arkham Asylum.

And, also like that game, this downloadable chapter sees you facing off against the Joker once again, with his lovably-evil main-squeeze Harley Quinn (finally in her amazing original costume) by his side – the only question that remains is, 'how much playtime will the chapter will provide?'

Batgirl's 'A Matter of Family' DLC will be available to Batman: Arkham Knight season pass owners on July 15, and can be purchased separately on July 22 for AU$10.45 (US$6.99 in North America and £5.80 in the United Kingdom).

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