Firmware boost brings Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail to LG G2 and C2 OLEDs

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Lucky owners of the five star rated LG C2 and LG G2 OLED TVs are set to get even better HDR performance, thanks to a new firmware update being rolled out today by the South Korean manufacturer.

Already topping our list of the best LG TVs you can buy, the new 03.20.24 system software for the flagship TVs brings a number of key improvements, the most significant being the addition of Dolby Vision IQ Precision Detail technology.

The feature is an all-new picture enhancement system that aims to reveal extra details in especially dark scenes.

The new HDR tech works in tandem with Dolby Vision IQ - a feature that was added to LG’s high-end TV back in March - and makes use of embedded light sensors in the TV to automatically adjust picture settings according to the brightness of the room.

Outside of the Dolby Vision goodness, the new firmware also brings enhanced black level handling, as well as improvements to AirPlay connectivity, AV1 playback and voice recognition. 

The update makes good on a promise made by LG earlier this year that all of their TV’s featuring their latest Alpha 9 Gen 5 video processor would receive an update bringing Dolby Vision Precision Detail, with the company’s Z2 8K OLED TV set to receive the feature in the coming weeks.

The LG G2 OLED shown off in a briefing to TechRadar.

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New Dolby update gives LG the edge in the battle to beat blackouts

Anyone who labored through the at times pitch black scenes in Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus will know how important it is to have a display that can handle the nuances of darkly lit content.

Much like the infamous Game of Thrones finale which was also marred for some viewers for being too dark, Star Wars fans watching the recent Jedi spin-off were left unable to see what was going on during key moments, despite watching on modern HDR TVs.

The problem stems from most modern films and even some TV shows being graded to be watched in a pitch black cinema space. Once the ambient light of a regular living room is added into the mix, dark detail can often get lost.

The addition of Dolby Vision Precision Detail, which factors in the brightness of where a display is situated, will go a long way to addressing the issue for LG G2 and C2 OLEDs owners and take out the hassle of having to constantly tweak settings.

It’s not the first time a new Dolby feature has landed on LG’s TVs first, with Dolby Vision and 4K@120 support for Dolby Vision both landing on the company’s TVs ahead of other brands, making the South Korean brand reliably ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest HDR tech.

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