Facebook makes it easier for Android users to keep their location private

Image credit: Facebook (Image credit: Facebook)

Facebook has announced new controls for its Android app that will make it easier to stop the app knowing your location when you're not using it.

iOS lets you choose whether you share location data with apps all the time, only when the app is in use, or never, but Android doesn't give you that much control. If you let Facebook know where you are, it'll know whether you've got the app open or not.

As Facebook explains, selecting the new option will give you more privacy. For example, that anyone living close by who uses the 'Nearby friends' option won't be able to see you unless you're using the Facebook app.

Location, location, location

If you've previously turned location sharing off, you don't need to worry – it will stay turned off when the app is updated.

If you're using iOS, you won't see any changes, but the app will prompt you to check your settings and make sure you're happy with them.

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