EE wireless charging options revealed coincidentally as iPhone X set to launch

UK network EE has announced it will soon allow you to spread the cost of a wireless charging pad when you buy your new phone, making the announcement on the day Apple is set to announce the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Coincidence? We think not.

Belkin's Qi Wireless Charging pad will soon be up for grabs alongside whatever handset you buy from the company for £29.99 in the UK. And while that news in and of itself may mean little to worldwide readers, the implications it seems to have for the upcoming iPhone X and iPhone 8 are of course interesting.

Considering rumors suggest both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are set to have wireless charging capabilities using the Qi technology, this only adds more fuel to those very high flames.

Perfect timing

Add to Plan is a scheme EE runs that allows you to buy accessories such as cases, headphones, VR headsets and fitness trackers alongside your phone and spread the cost over the course of your contract.

Apple is specifically named by EE alongside Beats and a number of other accessory manufacturers too, but that's probably because you can buy Apple branded wireless charging cases for existing iPhone handsets.

Other Android handsets are capable of using Qi wireless charging including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but announcing this on the day of the new iPhone launch suggests the network may be hinting at what we'll see launch this evening.

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James Peckham

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