Dodge could revive the Hornet name as a PHEV crossover

Dodge Journey in a field
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Dodge is an interesting automaker, as it’s continued forging ahead with big, V8-powered performance vehicles in an era when many companies are vowing to remove internal combustion engines from their cars altogether. 

So while we won’t likely see an all-electric Dodge for at least a couple of years, the automaker is expected to turn out a plug-in hybrid crossover in 2022 – which could revive a long-dead name from its history. 

Next year, we’re anticipating the launch of the Dodge Hornet PHEV crossover, a car that’s expected to share much of its engineering with other plug-in vehicles in the Stellantis catalog. 

Dodge’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler (now Stellantis), snapped up the Hornet trademark last year, and the rumor mill has been churning away ever since. 

An announcement by Stellantis earlier in 2021 lent credibility to rumors speculating on the return of the Hornet name, since the company committed to having at least one PHEV in the lineups of all 14 of its brands over the next few years. Dodge’s part in that commitment was recently revealed to be coming in 2022.

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Analysis: So long, Journey

The Hornet is expected to replace the three-row Journey in Dodge’s lineup, which was unloved by critics but a quick mover on dealers’ lots. Even now, in 2021, the Journey has sold some 12,000 units – a full year after it was discontinued. 

The original Hornet was made by long-defunct AMC, which was bought and folded into the Chrysler kingdom long ago. That vehicle was not a crossover, however, though it’s not hard to draw a line between its hatchback or wagon shape and today’s interpretation of those types of vehicles. 

When it comes, the Hornet will fill a hole in the Dodge catalog, as the Durango is the brand’s only family mover at the moment.

As far as release date and pricing, both are anybody’s guess at this point in time. However, we know that Dodge’s corporate cousin, Alfa Romeo, is launching its own PHEV crossover in 2022. Called the Tonale, the Alfa will likely precede any firm details we receive on Dodge’s crossover, so we’ll be waiting deep into 2022 at the earliest.

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