Disappointing Intel Xe benchmark leak suggests Nvidia and AMD have nothing to worry about

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While the idea of Intel making a consumer graphics card to take on Nvidia and AMD has got a lot of people excited, new benchmarks apparently leaked online suggest we should seriously temper our expectations for the Intel Xe.

The leaked benchmarks, shared by renowned leaker TUM_APISAK on Twitter, show a "Gen12 Desktop Graphics Controller" that is pretty likely to be another name for Intel’s discrete DG1 GPU, which is likely one of the first Intel Xe graphics cards that will fit into a PCIe slot in your motherboard, rather than be integrated with the CPU, which is what Intel usually does.

And while we’ve been keeping our expectations about Intel’s upcoming GPUs in check – the company in the past has made it clear that we shouldn’t expect a high-end gaming GPU just yet – the results are still rather disappointing.

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Low-end results

The benchmark scores apparently show an OpenCL score of 55,373, which isn’t much better than Nvidia’s low-end MX250, as PC Gamer points out, with a score of around 48,000.

Slightly more powerful (though still decidedly budget and low-end) GPUs from Nvidia, like the GTX 1650 Mobile, and the AMD Radeon RX 560, both handily beat the Intel GPU’s apparent scores.

Of course, the Intel Xe DG1 GPU hasn’t been released yet, and if these benchmark results are real, they are for early hardware. As Intel improves both the hardware and drivers for the GPU in the run up to the launch, we could see some modest improvements.

Still, it looks like Intel’s entry into the graphics card market won’t cause Nvidia and AMD too much trouble just yet.

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