Cortana’s rumored new name shows Microsoft’s voice assistant really means business

Cortana in Windows 10
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Cortana, Windows 10’s digital assistant, could be set to get a new name, and it’ll be far less snappy, a recent rumor contends – but it will reflect the new business focus of the virtual assistant.

According to that font of all Microsoft knowledge, Brad Sams, Cortana might be rechristened Microsoft 365 Assistant. So yeah, like we said – far less snappy.

Sams reckons that Microsoft has been using the name Microsoft 365 Assistant internally within the company for some time now, so given that, and the repositioning of Cortana with a productivity focus, he believes the name could become official before long.

Productive times

As we’ve seen in recent times with Windows 10, Cortana has been decoupled from the operating system’s search function and turned into a separate app, and most recently, Microsoft has announced big changes to strip away Cortana’s smart home skills and make it a productivity tool.

This all goes along with what the software giant has been saying for a some time now – that it wants to transition the digital assistant away from being a direct competitor to the likes of Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa, to being more of the complementary tool.

Cortana’s productivity makeover should happen with the next version of Windows 10 (20H1), due out in the near-ish future – possibly April or May – and that could just be when the new name comes into force.

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