Corsair's iCue and Elgato software is getting this key feature from Nvidia

A Corsair HS65 Surround on a reflective black table
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Nvidia announced that Corsair will integrate the former’s Broadcast app into its iCue and Elgato software this week, including the Elgato Wave Link and Elgato Camera Hub.

In order to take advantage of this new integration, according to the official Nvidia blog post, you’ll need a compatible headset, microphone or camera, and an Nvidia RTX GPU. The Corsair integrations of the app mean you won't need to run the app, instead simply enabling the features from the software itself when using a Corsair headset.

Broadcast is made of several features that aid in live streaming, including the noise removal and echo removal aspects, which process audio and suppress almost all background noise. The video integration for Elgato’s Camera Hub allows Elgato Facecam owners to enable a virtual background feature, eliminating the need for a green screen.

Analysis: Why you should be using Nvidia Broadcast

The Broadcast app, formerly known as the RTX Voice, is a versatile and incredibly useful app that can seriously upgrade your streaming experience. And if you’re using an RTX GPU, you should be using Broadcast, period.

For instance, the background noise removal tool uses the GPU and its AI technology to isolate your voice and suppress any other background noises. There’s a handy sliding scale too, in order to fully control how much you want to control the strength level. It’s especially useful for getting rid of those loud pet noises that many streamers struggle with.

You can also use Broadcast to alter your backgrounds in three main ways: blur, replacement, and removal. The last option allows you to auto-frame your face and remove empty space. You can also toggle between "Performance" and "Quality" and control the background blur’s strength.

Hopefully, this announcement will spur more brands to support Broadcast integration with their products.

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