Nvidia Broadcast waves goodbye to cats and dogs in latest update

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Whether you're a streamer or a frequent video conference user, Nvidia Broadcast is an app you should be using. At least, if you're using an Nvidia RTX graphics card, that is. 

Using the magic of AI, this simple application filters out all kinds of background noise and gives your webcam background a cool blur or virtual green screen. Alongside the launch of the RTX 3050 series laptops, Nvidia Broadcast is also getting some neat new tricks. 

The new updates include new AI effects for background audio, video noise removal and a tool that will say goodbye to your dogs and cats making a noise behind you. 

Nvidia Broadcast

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Nvidia Broadcast's new AI audio tools and noise removal

Nvidia Broadcast is touted as the complete home studio and the latest AI trickery added pushes it a little further in that direction. 

First up the software can now detect and cancel out background echo in your room. This is a huge deal for creators in particular, and could even make decking out the area around your PC in sound-dampening foam a thing of the past. Echo will destroy audio quality quicker than anything else, so this is an impressive addition. 

Video isn't left out, either, with video noise removal now part of Nvidia Broadcast as well. Considering even the best webcams on the market aren't exactly brimming with professional quality video, this is another solid addition to Broadcast's bag of tricks. 

What's arguably more important to the home workers out there, constantly using Nvidia Broadcast to make conference calls better, is the addition of new sounds to the background audio removal tool. 

If your cats and dogs were trying to join in and perhaps being a little distracting, Nvidia Broadcast will now recognize them and block out the sound. If your meetings are kitty and woofer friendly, you'll have to disable Broadcast first! Insects are also now supported, but we're trying not to imagine the situation that would be useful.

All of these effects can be stacked together to make an exceptional improvement to your webcam and audio, and since it's free to use if you have an RTX graphics card, there's really no reason not to try it out.