Toshiba unveils the future of phone memory

Toshiba raids the memory banks
Toshiba raids the memory banks

Your mobile phone could soon be getting a massive memory boost if Samsung and Toshiba have anything to with it, as both companies have announced a new type of NAND flash memory module.

Toshiba has unveiled what is a 128GB flash memory module which it is claiming is the first time anyone has crammed 16 64Gbit NAND chips together.

We tried it yesterday with 16 Nando chips, but it didn't quite have the desired effect.

This memory has been optimised for use in mobile phones, so expect some higher capacity internal memory units to hit the shelves next year.

Don't expect it to automatically be in the likes of the iPhone 5, though, as some are suggesting - Samsung has nabbed the deal for memory in the iPad and we're still waiting to hear if it's repeated the trick with the iPhone 4.

Thanks for the memory

Speaking of Samsung, it has introduced a new SSD drive which is super-speedy, with write speeds clocking in at 250MBps. This is based on Samsung's 30nm 32GB chip which it released last year.

And it can house 512GB of data, but is built for use in laptops and not phones – which we don't hold against them, as it would be great to see a netbook land with this amount of memory available.

While price is unavailable, Samsung's memory mountain will go into mass production as of next month.

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