Kid discovers way to upgrade to iOS 5 now

iOS 5
Apple released the iOS 5 developer Beta on Monday

An extremely clever young Apple fan has discovered a way for iPhone owners to upgrade to iOS 5 now, without a developer account.

Apple announced the new mobile operating system at WWDC on Monday, and immediately launched a Beta copy for registered Apple developers, ahead of the autumn release for us regular Joes.

However, this didn't satisfy aspiring young developer, Mert Erdir who sent Gizmodo full instructions on how to download iOS 5 right now through a carefully-crafted back door - without the hint of a jailbreak.

Exploited flaw

His simple hack involves downloading the IPSW firmware file from the web and updating the software through some neat right-click trickery from within the iTunes 'check for new software' menu.

Mert then demonstrates how to activate the operating system on your iPhone, with a series of multi-touch moves that reminded us of Pai Mei's Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique from Kill Bill: Volume 2.

The hack exploits an activation system flaw by using the Voice Over functionality on the iPhone.

Hey presto! A fully activated version of iOS 5 for the iPhone!

"I want to meet Steve"

Istanbul-based Mert says he wanted to get the attention of Apple, in the hope of meeting Steve Jobs and fulfilling his dream of becoming a developer for the company he loves.

He says: "My will is not to do something harmful to anyone, I just wanted to get the attention of Apple, the company I'm in love with; and maybe one day have a chance to talk to/meet Steve Jobs himself.

"I found this because I don't have much cash to get an iOS developer account, so donations for a young developer will be appreciated."

Feel like rewarding him for getting iOS 5 a few months early? Contact him on Twitter.

And you can check out T3's video of iOS 5 from WWDC.

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