FaceTime for Mac costs 59p

FaceTime for Mac costs 59 pence, unless you invest in a new MacBook Pro that is...

Apple has announced that current Mac users will need to pay a whole 59 pence to download the new version of FaceTime for Mac, although those buying the new MacBook Pro laptops will get it for free.

59p is hardly going to break anybody's bank, and if you are parting with the best part of a grand or more for a new MacBook Pro, then you surely would expect to get Apple's latest version of its video-calling software bundled in!

59 pence to vid-call

"FaceTime is included with all new MacBook Pro models and is available for other Intel-based Macs from the Mac App Store for £0.59 (99c)," Apple joyfully says in its launch press release for the new MacBook Pros.

Apple iPhone 4 and (latest model) iPod touch users are still able to use FaceTime for free, which means that you will now be able to share your face over the internet with any Mac user, or any new MacBook Pro owner rocking Apple's new "FaceTime HD camera."

We will be sure to test out the high-def versions of Apple's latest FaceTime offering between new MacBook Pro laptops as soon as we can.

For now, if you have a Mac, you can grab the app over at the Mac App Store to give it a whirl.

Via Apple