Corsair targets FPS fans with its fastest mechanical keyboards yet

Corsair K65 RGB Rapidfire

Corsair has revealed a collection of new gaming keyboards all of which are the first to benefit from a new type of linear mechanical switch to enable quicker reactions in fast-paced games.

The company's three new Rapidfire keyboards use the Cherry MX Speed switch, a linear (i.e. there's no tactile 'click') mechanical switch which actuates when pressed down just 1.2mm, and has a light actuation force of 45g.

Corsair claims that these are 40% faster than a standard Cherry MX switch, thus giving gamers an added edge when it comes to being quick on the trigger.

The three keyboards are the K70 RGB Rapidfire, K65 RGB Rapidfire (a cut-down tenkeyless version with no number pad, pictured above) and the K70 Rapidfire (which drops the RGB lighting). All of them benefit from an anodized brushed aluminum chassis.

As well as fancy switches to sharpen your reactions, all of these models offer 100% anti-ghosting technology to ensure no matter how many keys you press, they will all register.

Typing the light fantastic

With the RGB variants you also get full multicolour backlighting which can be customised on a per-key basis for various weird and wonderful lighting effects and patterns (Corsair's software comes with plenty of lighting pre-sets, too). The non-RGB K70 boasts all the same functionality except the LEDs are just one colour: red.

The software also lets you set up sophisticated macros, plus the keyboards have dedicated multimedia controls, and a detachable soft-touch wrist rest. There's also a USB pass-through port on board so you can hook up other peripherals like a mouse or your gaming headset via the keyboard.

Finally, it's worth noting that it's possible to purchase replacement keycap sets specifically designed with layouts for first-person shooters and MOBAs. These boast textured and contoured keycaps, for example WASD for shooters, so you can easily find these vital keys and they offer maximum grip in the midst of a manic and possibly sweaty gaming session.

The K70 RGB Rapidfire runs to £150 (around $215, or AU$275), with both the K65 RGB Rapidfire and K70 Rapidfire being priced a little lower at £120 (around $170, or AU$220).

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