Logitech's G610 keyboard offers a choice of switches and backlighting tricks

Logitech G610

Logitech has announced a pair of new gaming keyboards which benefit from LED backlighting and a choice of mechanical switches.

You get two choices here: the G610 Orion Brown and the G610 Orion Red, the former of which uses Cherry MX brown switches, and the latter Cherry MX red switches.

Both of these types of switches are low-noise, but with the brown switch you get a tactile 'bump' when you press a key – which some people prefer for typing – whereas the red switch has a linear action (and no tactile response), which a lot of folks appreciate for gaming.

The brown, then, is generally thought of as more of a middle-ground for those who might be doing a fair bit of typing as well as gaming – but in all honesty, the action of these keyboards is a very subjective thing, whatever you're doing with them. As ever, it's best to give them a try-out if at all possible.

Whichever you plump for, the Cherry MX switches are rated for 50 million keystrokes, so there are no worries on the durability front.

Beautifully built

Logitech also boasts that the G610 benefits from a high level of build quality which includes a fingerprint-resistant matt finish, and a durable braided cable.

You also get white LED key backlighting which can be customised using the Logitech Gaming Software, allowing you to do a number of fancy things including setting different levels of brightness for different keys, or highlighting specific commands or spells.

Logitech G610 top down

Media keys and macros are an expected inclusion, and Logitech doesn't disappoint on this front. You get all the usual playback controls plus a volume roller, and you can assign macros to the function keys (F1-F12).

Both of these G610 variants are coming out this month with a retail price of €139 (around £110, or over in the US these keyboards are priced at $119).

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