Asus CineVibe headphones include force feedback

Asus CineVibe headphones - we're intrigued as well!
Asus CineVibe headphones - we're intrigued as well!

Asus has unveiled it latest gaming headset, with the CineVibe headphones bringing force feedback for "greater immersion" in games and movies.

Although force feedback (or rumble) is not a new concept, Asus has decided that gamers will benefit from having it in their headsets.

So, they have integrated the technology into the Asus CineVibe headphones, and hope that it will "change the way gamers perceive and enjoy personal audio".

Miles ahead

"The inclusion of moving bass, force feedback reactive vibration and superior audio quality put the all-new ASUS CineVibe miles ahead of other headphones, providing an entirely upgraded personal audio experience," says Asus' release.

"CineVibe headphones use advanced audio rendering to provide impressive bass as well as precision mid and high range output, making them ideal for exciting gaming and movie watching.

Force feedback

"Better yet, the biggest attraction with CineVibe headphones is the addition of reactive force feedback that vibrates in tandem with the action on screen, creating a gripping experience," it continues.

"Unlike the forgettable sound of most headphones, CineVibe headphones evoke great wonder and amazement, injecting a whole new dimension of audio to personal, undisruptive gaming and movie watching."

Asus' CineVibe headphones are available now for £58.99. And, we're just as intrigued as you as to what a headphone rumble pack is going to feel like.

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