Get this huge 6TB Western Digital Red HDD for just £123

Western Digital 6TB hard drive
(Image credit: Western Digital)

If you're in the market for some serious storage you're in luck, because Amazon has slashed the price of this colossal 6TB Western Digital Red hard drive to just £129.99 for a limited time. The drive dropped this low for Black Friday, but it's surprising to see it discounted again so soon. (Live outside the UK? Scroll down for the best 6TB WD Red deals near you.)

Most drives this size are intended for business users, but this one is optimised for home users, and would be the perfect heart for your home streaming setup, with enough space for a huge catalog of TV shows and movies. 

To claim the deal, make sure you select the 'retail boxed kit' option if it's not already checked.


Western Digital Red 6TB HDD: £192.22 £122.99 at Amazon
This is a whole lot of storage for the money, and unlike most 6TB drives, this one is designed with home users in mind. It's super reliable too, and comes with Western Digital's three-year warranty. Make sure you select the 'retail boxed kit' option to get the discount.

This was the first 3.5in desktop hard drive to give home users so much space on a single disk, and when we reviewed it, we were particularly impressed by its performance. Faster drives are available, but for a consumer device, this one is hard to beat, particularly at such a low price.

If you live outside the UK, here are the best Western Digital Red 6TB HDD deals near you:

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