Tesla Model S gets wireless charging in April, but Tesla didn't make it

Tesla Model S

While Tesla has yet to introduce its own wireless charging solutions for its electric fleet, Evatran is readying a Plugless Power solution for Tesla's most popular electric vehicle (EV), the Model S.

You can reserve yourself a Plugless Power inductive wireless charging pad for the Tesla Model S, which should begin shipping out in April, for a deposit of $244 (about £172, AU$338).

The company says its wireless charging will work with Tesla's system. Specifically, the pad should add 20 miles to your Model S's range per hour of charging, claiming it has the "same charging time as a 7.2kW Level 2 corded charger."

It can be installed in the garage or outdoors, and involves a 7.2-kW system that requires a 50-amp circuit. The required adapter will, however, need to be installed by an Evatran-certified technician, but the price will be included in the total cost.

Unfortunately, a total price has not yet been announced. Comparatively, though, the Evatran wireless charging pad for the Chevrolet Volt costs $1,260, $1,540 for the Nissan Leaf and $1,940 for the Cadillac ELR.

The company also plans on eventually making wireless charging pads for the rest of Tesla's fleet, including the Roadster, Model X and Model 3, though it hasn't yet issued a timeframe for those releases yet.

Via AutoBlog