Taxi app Gett makes travel easier for disabled Londoners


Ride-hailing app Gett has announced a new partnership with Assist-MI, an app that helps disabled users interact with services and communicate their access needs.

Using the app, disabled customers will now be able to hail one of 8000 black cabs in the capital (or 2000 more elsewhere in Britain) with priority booking and up to 30% off fares.

It will work by going into your Assist-MI app and logging in with your Gett details, your two accounts will be associated together to enable you to take advantage of the new service.

As part of the agreement, long distance fees will be capped on a fixed-fee basis, and disabled customers will be able to automatically consolidate taxi receipts - making claiming Access to Work much easier too.

No extra cost

Unlike Uber, which uses ordinary cars for the most part, Gett exclusively uses black cabs which are fully accessible to wheelchairs. The service will be available at no extra cost.

Dom Hyams, Communications & Digital Director of assist-Mi, said: "I have been working in central London and using black cabs every day for many years as the public transport network can't quite accommodate me in my wheelchair. I'm over the moon that we have now teamed up with Gett, so many more people can realise what a fabulous service they provide, and how accommodating black cabs can be to disabled travellers. We are looking forward to seeing where this partnership can take accessible travel in the future"

From a cold-hearted business perspective, it is a savvy move by Gett to carve out a niche against Uber's seemingly unbeatable dominance. But more importantly, it's going to help people get around - and that's great.