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Siri eyes-free coming to Holden Barina CDX

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After pre-empting the Australian launch of Pandora last year with the confirmation that its Barina CDX would feature the music streaming service this year, Holden has given the hatchback another first in the shape of Apple's Siri eyes-free integration.

Siri-enabled iPhone owners running iOS 6 will be able to use the digital voice assistant as a driving assistant, connecting the phone to the car's MyLink system via Bluetooth.

Using the car's steering wheel controls, drivers will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and access the calendar to make new appointments, all without taking their eyes off the road.

To make things even safer, the eyes-free mode also prevents the iPhone's screen from turning on, reducing any urges to stroke, caress or otherwise fondle the device while driving.

Expanded embedded apps for better in-car entertainment

Holden has also expanded its embedded app offering, bringing control to apps like Pandora, BringGo Navigation and TuneIn Radio to the MyLink system.

While these embedded apps use a smartphone version of the app to function, they offer a much nicer, more convenient integration with the MyLink controls.

With MyLink available already on the Barina CDX and coming soon to the VF Commodore, 2014 Holden Cruze and upcoming Holden Malibu, it's a clear indication that in-car smartphone integration is set to be the next big battleground in cars.

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