Hit the road with Siri in new Chevy cars

Car, meet phone

There are a few news items that might make you want to go on a road trip with your smartphone.

Chevy has become the first car company to incorporate Siri's Eyes Free mode into its vehicles, an announcement the auto maker made today.

Eyes Free is a way for drivers to interact with their smartphones via voice commands without having to look at or touch the device. The feature also keeps the screen from lighting up when talking to the iPhone, a feature intended to minimize distraction.

The safety feature comes with the youth-aimed Spark and Sonic car models Chevy is also launching today.

Eyes off the iPhone

Siri integration comes thanks to the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system. Car-owners just connect their iPhone via Bluetooth, then press a button on the steering wheel to command Siri.

Drivers can use their voices to make phone calls, play songs from iTunes, listen to and compose texts and access Calendar to check and add appointments.

Even though Chevy was the first automaker out of the gate to feature Eyes Free, we should see plenty more of it.

Nine car companies pledged to incorporate the Siri functionality into their cars when the announcement was made this summer, according to Apple Insider. They include BMW, General Motors (which owns Chevy), Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda.

But the only upcoming cars we are sure Eyes Free is slated to go into is the 2013 Accord and Acura models.

Ford drives through the cloud

But iOS isn't the only mobile OS to connect with a car today. Amazon also announced Cloud Player music support for Ford SYNC AppLink-equipped vehicles, though it's only available on Android.

The app will now give Ford-owners access to their Amazon music stored in the cloud or smartphone while driving. Users can also use voice commands to navigate their music libraries hands free.

The music-syncing feature is available on Applink vehicles such as the 2013 Ford Fiesta, Mustang, Focus, E-Series and C-MAX models, as well as the 2012 Expedition, Fusion, F-150 and Super Duty models.

Music fans can download the Amazon MP3 app from the online retailer's Appstore or from Google Play. They can also get instructions on how to sync the app with their Ford vehicle.

Now, we're ready to hit the road with our favorite smartphones. Just remember, Siri doesn't count as a person to get you into the carpool lane.