Google unveils Chrome: its own web browser

Google Chrome - the search giant's very own web browser
Google Chrome - the search giant's very own web browser

In one of the strangest ways to unleash a potential product into a marketplace, Google has let slip about its plans to create its own web browser in the form of a comic book.

Titled Google Chrome, details have been revealed in a 38-page comic that outlines Google's plans for its very own browser.

The comic book has been drawn by comic artist Scott McCloud – who on his website says that he has been finishing a "secret project" – and has revealed critical info about what Google Chrome contains:

  • Firstly, the browser seems to have been created on Webkit, the same software that powers Safari and the browsing capabilities on the iPhone.
  • The use of Javascript means the browser will be faster than most.
  • Like Android, Mozilla et al, Chrome is an open source project, so Google wants other companies to add to the browser.
  • Utilising Cloud computing, a lot of information will be available offline. This is done through Google Gears – which will add an API (Application Programming Interface) to your browser.
  • Taking a leaf out of Mozilla's book, the browser will house tabs. Instead of being below the address bar, they will be on top.
  • If there's a bug in the system, Google says that it will only affect the tab the bug is in, instead of the whole browser.

"Internet needs to be a fair, smart, safe place"

Near the conclusion of the comic, Google sums up what the browser means to them: "Google lives on the internet. It's in our interest to make the internet better and without competition we have stagnation.

"That's why we are open sourcing the whole thing. We NEED the internet to be a fair, smart, safe place."

Keep checking back to TechRadar, as we will be looking into the Google Chrome browser in more detail in our 'Google week' special.

We will especially be looking at the significance it will have on the likes of Mozilla's Firefox, as the majority of revenue from such browsers comes directly from the search kings.

No word yet for when Google Chrome launches, or even if this is one very elaborate hoax – its URL,, still says Error 404 – but some reports are saying that it could launch imminently.

UPDATE: Google has officially announced that Google Chrome is real, and that it will be launching in Beta stage tomorrow. Read the full Google blog at for more details, where the company has certainly stayed true to its in-house saying : "launch early and iterate".

Marc Chacksfield

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