BlackBerry KeyTwo takes another step closer to reality

Information on the rumored follow-up to the BlackBerry KeyOne is starting to increase in volume, with the latest leaks seeing the keyboard-toting handset head through China's TENAA certification agency as well as appearing in some revealing spy shots.

Currently dubbed the BlackBerry KeyTwo (or Key2), the image uploaded to TENAA shows a device which looks similar to the KeyOne, with a physical keyboard below what appears to be an almost bezel-less display.

The design appears to fit with a render of the handset that leaked a few weeks ago, but that previous rumor showed us that the KeyTwo may well have bezels above and below its screen.

A familiar looking handset (credit: TENAA, via CrackBerry)

A familiar looking handset (credit: TENAA, via CrackBerry) (Image credit: TENAA)

In the flesh

It's not just the imagery from TENAA that we've got though, with a couple of shots claiming to show the new Key2 handset appearing on the CrackBerry forum and micro-blogging site Weibo.

A watermark in the corner of one of the images suggests the handset will be branded the BlackBerry Key2 (rather than KeyTwo), but we'll have to wait for the phone's official launch to know for sure.

With all of these leaks providing a similar looking handset, it gives each one more credibility, although there's still no guarantee that this is the handset we'll see BlackBerry Mobile launch this year.

Will it be called the Key2? (Credit: CrackBerry)

Will it be called the Key2? (Credit: CrackBerry) (Image credit: Crackberry)
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