Your cancelled Tidal membership may have been charged anyway

Tidal is charging ex-users for their subscriptions

If you gave the music streaming service Tidal a shot, you may want to look at your latest credit card statement, as it appears customers who have cancelled their accounts are still getting charged.

According to a report by Chris Welch in The Verge, he was charged $19.99 (£19.99), the monthly cost for Tidal's highest-quality music streaming, despite cancelling his subscription several months ago.

Upon reaching out to Twitter, Welch was able to find other ex-Tidal users who were receiving similar charges. On top of that, the email sent to Welch to addressed him non-specifically as "Dear User," possibly indicating that the missive was sent en mass to others who had their accounts reactivated.

On top of a refund for those who received faulty charges to their credit card, Tidal is offering three months of Tidal Premium — its lower-tier offering that allows unlimited music streaming, though not at the lossless quality of the Tidal HiFi tier— free of charge as compensation.

Acquired and relaunched last spring by media mogul Jay-Z, Tidal offers higher-fidelity music streaming than heard with competing music streaming services such as Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music.

While the company is working to amend the billing gaffe as quickly as it can, this bit of news certainly won't help the list on cons Tidal has amassed since its launch. In the meantime, we suggest users keep an eye on their bank accounts.

Parker Wilhelm
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