Sennheiser calls noise-polluters to task

Sennheiser's new range of closed over-ear headphones are perfect for public transport

If you are a regular traveller on buses, tubes or trains then you will know of the annoyance that can be caused by noise-pollution emitting from low-quality earphones, with leading in-ear and over-ear headphones manufacturer Sennheiser calling for quiet on Britain's public transport this week.

Sennheiser's little CX 300 II in-ears have pretty much become the de-facto first upgrade for iPod owners, with the manufacturer pleading with noise-polluting passengers using music-bleeding cheap buds and headphones to 'STFU'!

Hence, Sennheisers new 200 Series of over the head / on the ear phones are, according to one company rep, "the right choice for use on public transport, saving their hearing and fellow traveller's sanity."

Closed HD cans

Sennheiser is launching three new Closed HD Models, the HD 218 (£40), the HD 218 BLACK (£50) and the HD 218 WHITE (£50) which you can pick up at your nearby Apple Store or registered Sennheiser dealer.

"Where many headphones leak sound in every direction, these closed back designs reduce background noise and allow the users to listen at lower volumes," says Sennheiser. "As little sound leaks out, other travellers are not irritated and the user's hearing is protected."

The new 'fold-flat' cans are optimised for use with iPods, iPhones and most leading MP3-player brands and feature powerful neodymium magnets, ultra-light diaphragms and individually adjustable ear cups, as well as Sennheiser's standard two year guarantee

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