LG's new speakers start playing the tunes when your phone is nearby

Music Flow
Boom boom shake the room

LG has just announced a lineup of new Wi-Fi speakers that will be rolled into its Music Flow system at next month's CES 2015 show.

Included in the bunch are two new sound bars, a wireless speaker and a 3D streaming Blu-ray player, all of which can be mixed with one another - and hope to give Sonos reason to be frightened.

Kicking things off is the H4 Portable, LG's first wireless Wi-Fi speaker, which packs a built-in battery. So even when you have to leave the room and take a call, the tunes will keep pumping.

Then come the two Wi-Fi sound bars: the HS7 for seamless HD sound, and the HS9 for "deep acoustics".

Let it flow

In order to beam music to the speakers you'll need to use LG's Music Flow app, which will work with your Spotify or Deezer account. If you use any other streaming service then you'll want to check compatibility first.

LG also lets you control its Music Flow speakers via text with its LINE Messaging app, but more impressive is the system's ability to automatically play music when the speaker comes within a foot radius of a Music Flow Wi-Fi speaker.

LG's not saying anything on price just yet but expect to hear more at CES 2015. TechRadar will be there in full force to bring you all the juicy gossip.

Hugh Langley

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