Gotta get down on Friday: soon, new music will be released for the weekend

Rebecca Black

What rock and roll has always needed is a bit of structure. Anarchy is fine and all, but it's not as good as having a nice plan, and possibly an Excel spreadsheet to bring a bit of organisation to everything.

We're pretty sure The Who had a song about the importance of good planning on their first album. With that in mind, starting mid-year all new music will be released on a Friday. At 12:01am.

That is, according to the industry, to generate some excitement about new music, and to get the kids queuing up outside their nearest Our Price to grab the next big hit for their collections. Or sat staring at Spotify, finger trembling over the mouse in anticipation.

The decision will be enforced globally, with all the major labels agreeing on a unified time. At the moment, the UK releases music on a Monday at midnight, while the US does so on Tuesday.

It's all about the fans

The IFPI, or International Fun Prevention Institute (probably), said "As well as helping music fans, the move will benefit artists who want to harness social media to promote their new music".

It doesn't mention quite how the move will benefit fans, apart from the fact they'll know new music is being released at the exact moment they're dancing in a nightclub on Friday night.

It will benefit artists though, who communicate with fans on Twitter, but who, apparently, aren't capable of talking about any time that isn't midnight Friday.

Of course, telling people when they can get access to media has worked brilliantly for the TV industry, which has in no way learned the hard way that people like to decide when they watch their favourite shows, rather than being told to sit down and shut up at 8pm.

Independent artists can do what they want though, so, like, whatever.

Via The Guardian (Image credit: Ark Music Factory)