Turn your app dream into reality

Your app could be featured here one day...
Your app could be featured here one day...

There are already hundreds of thousands of apps in the Apple App Store, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more.

If you've had a sparkling idea for the next Angry Birds or Flick Football, it might just be technical know-how standing between you and your dream of fame and app-based fortune.

Excellent news for the cash-strapped innovator then: our Future brethren MacFormat and Tap! magazine have teamed up to offer you the chance to get your app made for free.

Competition time

All you have to do is pop your idea for an iPhone game down on the entry form (which you can find here or in the latest issue of MacFormat), send it in and cross your fingers tight.

A panel of experts will then pick the best idea and send it off to be made by Neon Play, the developer of Flick Football and Paper Glider, as well as the apps for Dom Joly and Armstrong and Miller.

Not only will you get to see your app idea become a reality, you'll get 25 per cent of any profit made from the app.

Okay, so a juicier cut would be nice, but at least you won't have to shell out thousands of pounds getting the app made, or spend tedious months learning how to make an app yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering – and tell them we sent you so we can nab a slice of the glory for ourselves.

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