Is Apple to launch a new Mac mini?

Apple looks likely to keep Mac mini alive
Apple looks likely to keep Mac mini alive

Apple has tentatively announced that it is to update its Mac mini range in one of the strangest and roundabout ways possible.

The company sent an email to a worried Apple user about the Mac mini situation, telling them to "be patient" about a pending release of the company's "popular machine".

Read into that what you will, but speculation is now rife that we will see a new Mini hit shelves in Q1 of next year.

Mini adventure

There's been no update to the Mac Mini range for over a year now, and this has sparked rumours that Apple was to stop producing the machine.

In a blog, however, by a trusted entrepreneur who operates a server farm of over 400 Mac minis, it is stated that plans are in place to overhaul the computer and that his company, Macminicolo, has 100 per cent confirmation that the new Mac mini will offer the following:

  • Join all other Macs in being able to address 4GB of RAM.
  • The Mac mini optical drive will be changed to a SATA connection.
  • The Mac mini will use the new Mini DisplayPort that was recently showcased on the Macbook line.

As always, Apple has neither confirmed or denied these reports, but it does look like the Mac mini will have a big – or should that be small? – future ahead.

Marc Chacksfield

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