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Apple will now let you know when it downgrades your phone's performance

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In 2017 Apple admitted it throttles performance speeds on older iPhones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, in order to optimize battery performance on the aging devices, but now Apple has promised that it will actually let people know before it does so.

The UK Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) announced in a statement (opens in new tab) that Apple has agreed to inform iPhone users when a planned update could reduce performance speeds on their device.

This means iPhone users have a choice of installing the update, and suffering with a slower iPhone, or ignoring the update, and suffering with older software.

Why do people need to know?

The original Apple performance scandal erupted because users didn't know Apple was slowing their iPhones, and so many users sent their handsets in for repairs or replacements because they thought there was a defect.

If Apple informs users that their phone performance will take a hit with software updates, these people will be expecting it, and won't send their perfectly functional iPhone off for repairs.

Many people still use older iPhones, as their performance speeds, even when reduced, are still reasonable, so Apple's transparency will make iPhones more appealing for all.

Tom Bedford
Tom Bedford

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